Try Before You Buy

I know that investing in yourself with therapy or coaching can be a tricky 'hit and miss' type of business - and really appreciate that you might want to really experience for yourself just how good I am to meet your particular needs - which is why I'm offering this opportunity to 'try before you buy'...

We can meet in person for just £30.00 (or just £20.00 for any of my packages that involves the online element, either completely or online, or in combination) for one hour. This will include a hypnosis session that will be recorded that will be produced and then downloadable for you to keep, forever. Should you then want to, you can just then walk away.

Many of my clients experience what I call the the 'delayed positive effects' phenomena, where (if I can put something that's complicated to sound more simple), the subconscious mind takes its time to 'process' new information, 'act' upon it with e.g. new habits, and it can take a bit longer than that for you to then notice you've changed!

This phenomena is partly the reason why as to should you then subsequently decide within 3 months to have a full 3-Session Package with me (either in-person, or with an online element), your fee will be discounted and put towards, in full, any full package.

For example, should you wish to see me for the 1:1 In-Person/Online Combination package, the total amount payable is £140.00. Your remaining 2 sessions will cost £110.00.