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Ifor G.

Exams & Assessments

I contacted Oliver as I needed to develop self belief and focus for a very important, life changing assessment in connection with work. I had three sessions, all of which were conducted in a highly professional and sensitive manner. I used recordings of the sessions to develop new approaches to preparation for the forthcoming assessment and my confidence grew each day.

On the day of the assessment I used techniques I had learned and was able to take control of the situation from the beginning, ensuring that I gave myself the best opportunity to succeed. I passed the assessment with high grades. I have no doubt that the support provided by Oliver ensured I approached the assessment with confidence and self belief. Most important I was able to focus on the highly stressful process. Thank you.

Cath V. Surrey

Accelerated Learning

My son Ben, is 14. And after the initial session (which Ben absolutely loved), there was an immediate decrease in his levels of tension. I put this down, in part, to the simple fact that we were ‘doing something’ about the issue, and the renewed optimism was obvious. Ben still seemed a little hesitant to get his books out, but once he had done so, he really knuckled down and spent over three hours at a time tackling a subject, something we had not seen before! Ben used the hypnotherapy recording before he went to sleep each night, and found this to be a great help in between the sessions. Within a week, Ben had become quite self-motivated, suddenly seeming quite ‘tuned-in’ to the amount of work he needed to cover. The time spent at his desk had become productive. A remarkable change, and quite a relief! The second session was so enjoyable for Ben that he actually fell asleep- something that reassured mejust how relaxed he was in the sessions with Oliver! At home, the improvements continued, and it became clear just how much this had been affecting other aspects of home and school life. Ben was eating better, seemed much more confident in general, and gradually no longer needed to listen to the recording prepared for him by Oliver. Ben still has a normal amount of anxiety about the exams he is yet to sit, but this seems proportionate. And if I feel he is slipping again, I know exactly who to turn to! I would like to extend our thanks to Oliver, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for hypnotherapy.    
Mike S.

Fear of Heights

Hi Oliver,

I would like to thank you so much for helping me with my lack of confidence in climbing and my fear of heights. As I’ve got older my fear has got worse, but your help has turned back time and give me more confidence in having ago. The techniques that you have taught me have not only helped me with
the fears I came to you with, they are helping me in other parts of my life. 


Karen S

Losing Weight

I consulted Oliverfollowing a recommendation. I wanted to lose a bit of weight so I could feel more healthy in myself and keep up with my teenage daughters on cycle rides and
the like. I’m very partial to biscuits and chocolates. As well as hypnosis, Oliver taught me a couple of techniques to avoid the temptations of the biscuits and chocolates. A couple of weeks on and I have already lost over 4lb in weight and taken really active steps to continue losing it. Thank you, Oliver.