My Mission

My Mission

My mission is to work with you to help solve life’s problems and bring the changes you want into life, to experience real, tangible results


Change (whether desired from the inside or arisen from external circumstances), takes time, can be scary, uncertain, difficult and create all kinds of mixed emotions that influence your chances of succeeding in what you want to achieve, so from ‘day one’ right through to celebrating your achievements, supporting and mentoring you all the way throughout the change process.

What do I know about problem solving and change?

I spent 20 years in higher education as a law teacher, personal tutor and mentor, working with all kinds of people of all ages with a whole range of personal, academic and career challenges that were holding them back from what they really wanted to achieve in life.

Throughout all this time, I also experienced massive change and shifts in my  personal and externally influenced change and I learnt a lot about how to successfully problem-solve and how to properly go about achieving the results both others and myself wanted from their lives – whether those were personal or other problems that they wanted to overcome – and to continue to towards where they wanted to go.

Rather than just the legal training itself, I increasingly became passionate about personal development – and I realised that it was helping others through all kinds of personal and external barriers and to help them learn to give themselves the independence , contentment and confidence to succeed in an infinite variety of ways is where I personally wanted to go.

So from 2010, I formalised my skills and experience by becoming a hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher, life  coach and mentor and left my higher education career in 2013 to run my personal development business, the most fulfilling  part of it for me I think being able to help others change from where they are to where they want to be - achieve true and authentic contentment in their lives.

How I Get Results

My previous professional experience has enabled me to develop and a natural competence to troubleshoot problems and utilise ways of solving them.

A thorough and effective intake identifies exactly what it is you want to achieve where at the same time being flexible enough to accommodate change as it happens.

My extensive range and combination of personal development qualifications (e.g. hypnotherapy and mindfulness), combined with my passion for keeping up to date with the most modern techniques and approaches, means I have an 'Infinite Toolkit' of things I can use with just one results-driven aim in mind - to solve the problems you are presently facing in your life situation and to equip you with what you need in order for you to continue to progress.

I am fully qualified and certified in Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Life Coaching and recently been awarded advanced hypnotherapist status of Accredited Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

An overarching approach to support you from the beginning to the end - right from the time you first get in touch with me to the time when you know you've succeeded in what you set out to achieve, I'm there with you when you need me with full phone, email or web support.

I will:

Really listen to you

Identify and agree what you really want

Support you all the way, using all of my skills and experience to help you achieve what you want by using a variety of instant communication tools and regular progress meetings with you

Mentor and support  you as appropriate, e.g. motivational talking, talking for change, hypnosis, coaching and mindfulness, by having comprehensive progress meetings in between the more formalised sessions.