Stress, anxiety and depression can affect anyone, and is often described as the hidden epidemic in the UK. Stress affects 85% of people so you’re not alone. some of the main causes being money, health and work.

You are more increasingly likely to suffer with stress and anxiety if you are young, female, a student, or in your work. 

Anxiety symptoms including lack of confidence, depression and insomnia

You may have already done some research and you are perhaps feeling confused. The symptoms and causes might well all be too familiar to you, including bouts of depression and insomnia.

Treatments for stress and anxiety

What’s particularly difficult is that everybody is different – no two people have the same issues all respond to stresses in the same way. Some will respond better to some forms of treatment than others.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

I can help you if you feel that you need someone to understand how you really feel and work out what might be causing your problems. I can work out the right solution that’s right FOR YOU to make things a whole lot better.

Hypnotherapy, CBT and mindfulness-based therapeutic techniques are seen by highly regarded organisations to be effective in drastically reducing, if not eradicating stress, anxiety and depression.

Treating Anxiety and Stress with Hypnotherapy

I am fully certified and experienced in these therapeutic approaches and I would merge them into a bespoke treatment plan for you.

I’ve listed below some further links that I hope will help you to understand what you might be going through and if you feel you’d like to chat with me about it, get in touch.

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