If you’re reading this, then you’re probably feeling very frustrated and considering hypnosis for weight loss. In my experience, people come to me to help them lose weight when they have tried and yet failed so many times before.

And I can understand how you might be feeling because I have listened to many stories from people who feel similar to how you’re feeling now.

Weight loss mindset

 Diets are overestimated and the mindset for successful weight loss is underestimated 

It really is all mind over substance or the latest fad diet. 

Research findings from reputable sources and psychology experts have showed time and time again that a positive mindset (that hypnosis for weight loss will achieve for you) is what you need – more than anything else – to be able to successfully lose weight, and keep it off.


If either now or in the past you feel you have suffered from:

  • lacking self esteem and/or self confidence
  • aren’t motivated to do exercise and finding it a chore rather than fun
  • finding it hard to feel good and confident about yourself.
  • stressed
  • not getting is enough sleep

Then the more of these risk factors you have, the more difficult it can be to even begin an effective weight loss programme, let alone keep the weight off.

Making informed decisions

There is a very useful online questionnaire useful online article by the very reputable Psychology Today website with a thorough questionnaire on weight loss 

Diet Weight Loss Test

I am using this to help my clients successfully lose weight  because it focuses very much on developing the mindset you need to really effectively reduce weight.

Get a free (normally £6.50) hypnosis for weight loss questionnaire 

The full results of this questionnaire includes a detailed breakdown including graphs, escalating your strengths and eradicating your limitations.

Should you decide to have hypnosis for weight loss with me, I will encourage you to take the questionnaire (that takes around 30 minutes, not an hour as stated on the website) and we will go through the detailed results together.

By examining the advice the detailed questionnaire results gives us – plus my additional interpretation and hypnotic application of them – I will put together a highly potent, bespoke weight loss treatment plan for you.

And the report is free to you

I will reimburse you the (approximately) £6.50 cost of your report at our first session together.

If you want to book an appointment or have a chat with me about it, just contact me


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