You may well be considering hypnosis to quit smoking because you’ve tried everything else already. You have tried stopping before and with limited success.

You know all the risks associated with smoking before, so I won’t bore you with any of them here. But you may also know the very fast and incredible benefits of what happens when you quit smoking

The main reason why you’re here right now is because you want to quit smoking.

Now. And forever.

Your life may have recently changed and you feel that continuing to be a smoker is just inconsistent with the life you’re living now.

There may well in fact motivating factors that’s making you want to give up right now, becoming a parent or grandparent maybe, or wanting to attract someone into your life, or health reasons.

Whatever the ‘new’ motivation in your life is, you might feel it’s not quite enough to ‘follow through’ with quitting right now. That’s because your subconscious mind have ‘triggers’ that still exist from the moment you started smoking.

Hypnosis for quitting smoking will install new triggers that will become even more powerful than the ‘old’ triggers so that you will want to give up the old, and become become a ‘new’ non-smoker and remain, a non-smoker.

There is some very reputable Australian research that shows that hypnosis to quit smoking is very effective, more than other smoking cessation programs or by just going ‘cold turkey’.

Not only that, but if weight gain is a fear for you, the same research suggests that extra hypnosis sessions are also very effective in keeping the weight off after having given up smoking.

So if having quit, you have any worries that you might put on weight, then I can offer you further sessions (at a discounted rate for being my existing client).

If you want to book an appointment or just have an informal chat about it, get in touch.