Here are some tips on how to

Counter exam stress

Carry on as normal

Just because it’s exam time doesn’t mean to say that you can’t carry on life as normal and that everything has to change.

Apart from thinking about some of the exceptions that I’ll explain below, you can carry on more or less as normal.

For example, regular weekly activities such as a swimming club or other activities – there’s no reason in principle why you can’t carry on with these

In fact, it might help calm the mind, because the more out of your comfort zone by changing your routine there is, the more stress can play its part during your exam time.

Learn to say ‘no’

There are no doubt some people in your life that are very valuable and helpful to you, yet conversely there are those that who aren’t 

And if you’re very honest with yourself, although they are “a bit of a laugh” and all at, might well be big time wasters for you.

Can you put your friends and acquaintances into categories like this? Sure you can.

At times like this, it’s helpful to do that. Think about the idea that you might want to distance yourself from unhelpful friends for these couple of weeks, but keep your more helpful friends at times like this – and a quick call or text to a friend who is very supportive can do wonders for you.

Rest on returning home – break any adverse patterns

After a long day of 2 exams or more, it would be tempting wouldn’t it, to just start revising for the following exam that you have the following day…. You might be in the pattern of coming home and revising for the next one.

If you’re one of these people and if you can, break the habit of giving yourself a good well-earned rest for at least an hour or two before doing more revision – this is also related to planning ahead and thinking of the difficult exams that are coming up – see my advice below

Get into ‘the zone’

There’s no doubt about it, of course, exam time can be an extremely stressful time and is important to develop some sneaky tips and tricks to help overcome the temporary, but powerful, stress-causing times. Doing a mindfulness-based exercise on getting into the zone for:

Just switching off relaxing, and being in the moment

And my upcoming blog posts and guided audio:

Unstoppable study and revsion motivation – see my blog post here

Powerful exam room mindset – how to relieve stress before an exam

… and transform the way you look at things and make you feel a lot more positive and happy about everything.

And of course the more you do it, the more you train your brain to do these very positive and helpful things – the more quickly and more effectively all this will happen for you

Plan ahead for the difficult exams

There’s nothing worse than having a long hard day of exams and then the one exam that you’ve been dreading happening the following day

And the time seems to have crept up on to you – does this sound familiar?

This is where planning in your revision timetable becomes all critical and very important – know that once you exams start it is going to be hard to find time to revise for this very difficult exam, so you need to prioritise and frontload those really difficult exams as early on in your revision as you can.

Despite your best intentions, it can always be difficult, can’t it, to feel absolutely confident that you’ve done all you can and prepared for the really difficult exams – but try to take it easy on yourself …

..and if you get to the evening where you feel as though you haven’t done enough – don’t think that you can cram revise it all in at the same time, because this will no doubt be very counter-productive.

Don’t do it. 

Stop and say to yourself that you’ve done all you can and you’ll be better off getting a good night’s rest and being at your tiptop level the following day for the exam – rather than trying to learn a few more details just in case they come up

Eat well

Stick to a regular eating routine – eating little and often is the rule.

And be careful about what you eat – high sugary foods might well give you that instant boost, but you’ll soon come crashing down with a massive dip. Try to eat slow-release carbohydrate foods and things like that – foods such as:

  • Porridge
  • Eggs
  • Whole grains and bran

Following a better diet like this can also help you not stress eat during exams

You can find out more here

Supercharge your diet

And on the subject of your diet, incorporating some of these powerful “brain foods” into your diet will really turbocharge your brainpower:

  • salmon
  • blueberries
  • broccoli
  • walnuts

– To name just a few – you can find out more here:

Sleep well

Keeping a regular sleep pattern throughout your exam period is extremely important. So important, in fact, it can make the difference between pass or fail – or one or morelevels of grades, so take your sleeping pattern and routine very seriously.

Avoid the temptation to stay up late to revise.

You’ll no doubt be just kidding yourself anyway – you think it might well be going in – but this is likely only to launch your psyche into ‘stressed panniked mode’  so just don’t do it – it won’t be ‘going in’ anyway…

You should be asleep by 11pm/midnight at the absolute latest and begin your bedtime routine some hours beforehand by just relaxing and taking it easy…