How to get real results – get the most from your hypnotherapy with me

Choosing to have hypnotherapy is an important decision to make and it’s important that you maximise the investment that you have made in yourself.

Whether you’ve decided to see a hypnotherapist for weight loss, stress, anxiety, depression, quitting smoking, fear of flying or other phobias – this is a great opportunity to make positive life change and to maximise your chances of actually achieving what it is you are seeing them for. There are some important things that you can do to do achieve what you want.

Back in February 2018, I wrote an article outlining the kind of things that you need to consider doing when seeing a hypnotherapist and I encourage you to do – the full article is here

You can embrace hypnotherapy experience that you have with me by:

Keeping a journal to track and reflect on the changes that are happening to you and

making notes on questions that you can ask me –  I have an online collaboration app too – so you can asked me straight away if you like.

Some of my clients actually use the private and secure part of my collaboration app to actually keep their journal

– by all means speak with me about this. If you’d like to know more.

Sometimes I will agree with you to do various tasks based on what I did with you in the hypnosis session –

– very active things that actually put hypnosis into action to get results. Doing these things and feeding back to me on how it’s all going is often all part of the change process.

It’s important also to listen to the audio recordings that I will do for you and to keep in touch with me so I can prepare further hypnosis or other little exercises to do that will keep you on track for success between your sessions with me.

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