About Me

Having had a brief spell working in the legal profession early in my professional career - and realising that it just wasn't for me - I re-trained as and had a very rewarding career as a law teacher for the next 20 years, and that apart from the obvious legal knowledge and teaching and learning skills, it took me down the path of really developing the experience, skills and all the resources needed in order to really help others to achieve what they want in life by overcoming barriers - not only learning barriers, but personal difficulties and life traumas.

Becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the way the legal training provision was becoming routine and de-personalised - with much less emphasis on the person and self-development and realising that helping people this way was my life's path, I formalised all of the qualifications and experience and extended them into wide-based personal development qualifications, mainly done at the multi-award winning UK College of Clinical Hypnosis; including hypnosis, life coaching, counselling and mindfulness and left the teaching profession in 2013 to set up my very rewarding MindMatters personal development company.

I really feel now very fortunate to devote and enjoy every moment of the working 'up time' part of my life into solely helping others, that is very wide ranging including smoking cessation, phobias, deep-rooted personal problems and professional and personal traumas, learning at school and college and career development.